2018-10-12         Audrey

Best practice for SEO tag / category pages in Umbraco 7+

I've tried all the popular blog packages in Umbraco.People talk alot about articulate, and it's certainly very comforting that one of the core developers are behind this package, BUT...I just have 1 problem with it - it seems so be somewhat "hardcoded".. By that I mean, doesn't integrate that well into the Umbraco backoffice - at least it seems to me. The "themes" articualte introduces (while a great idea) does not show up in the templates dropdown nor are they stored in the templates table inside Umbraco. So if you want to change templates, you'd have to get your hands "di...

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 2018-10-12         Tyler

Examine MultiIndexSearcher Example Umbraco

Trying to get a searcher in razor using the MultiIndexSearcher provider.<add name="MultiIndexSearcher" type="Examine.LuceneEngine.Providers.MultiIndexSearcher, Examine" indexSets="ExternalIndexSet,CustomIndexSet" enableLeadingWildcards="true" />This results in zero results - both via code and in Examine Management in back office.Does anyone have an example or code snippet for using the MultiIndexSearcher as I am clearly missing something. Try to specify analyzer, something like this:<add name="MultiIndexSearcher"type="Examine.LuceneEngine.Providers.Mul...

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 2018-10-12         Ted

Umbraco examine indexes management tool

I'm looking for a tool to manage umbraco examine.I need to view/edit/change/delete the indexes (and more..)I tried to use Luke but is too old and very complicated ...Does anyone know of a newer tool and easy to use?(Preferably free) Luke is perfect for testing your queries (using a variety of options, my favourite being the RAW Lucene Query).You could use the built-in Examine Management Dashboard to view your indexes, and test your queries also.The Dashboard allows you to view:- Total Nodes indexed- NodeTypes Included/Excluded- All System & User fields that are curre...

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 2018-10-12         Marsh

Umbraco - On Saving Override removes Macros from content

I have a method overriding the Umbraco.Core.Services.ContentService.Saving. It's just adding some classes to images and wrapping the image in a div.But now I started enabling some Macros to be added in the rich-text editor and the Macros disappear after saving.After much digging I found out that if I override the saving method some how the Macros get removes.If anyone else had to deal with this I would love some insight on what is going on.Here is how I override it:Umbraco.Core.Services.ContentService.Saving += OverrideSave.ContentService_Saving;And here is my method (minus...

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 2018-10-12         Lennon

Umbraco 7 Macro Rendering

Im using Umbraco 7 for an Intranet. I was hoping to replicate some functionality that is in the backend, ive noticed when it renders the macro in the backend it will load the macro after / during the full page load.I was hoping to replicated that same functionality in the front end, so that it can load the full page quickly then render the macros as and when theyve fully renderedHas anyone else done anything like this before?ThanksIan The reason it works like that in the back end of Umbraco is that the Macros are stored as custom markup in the RichText editor. There's so...

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 2018-10-12         Zachary

Where are models added?

(My apologies for all those that voted the question down. I'm not trying to avoid researching. I've been actually trying to find a way for doing this for the past several hours. The only thing I'm trying to avoid is paying the Umbraco TV membership fee)This is probably a dumb question:I'm somewhat familiar with MVC, but really new to UMBRACO 7. I'm going through documentation on how to add restricted pages (pages accesible to some membership types) and I have to create a model. I've been searching through the whole UMBRACO settings and developer back office pages but couldn...

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 2018-10-12         Aries

Importing an UMBRACO site into Visual Studio

Is it possible to import an already existing Umbraco site into Visual Studio? (By means of getting all the site files and DB backup)I've tried creating an empty project and copying the website files, but I get several errors when I try to compile the solution. The errors look like "Could not find scheme information for the element 'umbracoConfiguration'."The same happens if I create an empty solution, add the UMBRACO nuget package, and then copy the website files. I'm wondering if it is at all possible, or if once an UMBRACO website is running, how should one customize/dev...

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 2018-10-12         Yale

how to render MVC views from SurfaceController?

I have installed Umbraco 7 in MVC application. Have you achieved ever rendering MVC View from Surface Controller ? If it is possible to do how it can be done by passing model and passing a query string parameter to View ? If I understand your question correctly, you need to use an approach called Route Hijacking, rather than surface controllers.Simplified, the steps are:Create a model matching a given Document Type.Create a mapper to map an Umbraco IPublishedContent object to the model.Create a controller that inherits Umbraco.Web.Mvc.RenderMvcController.Override the Ind...

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 2018-10-12         Griffith

In the Umbraco Admin Panel, how do I use an image in Partial View?

I'm able to upload images in the Media section in the admin panel. My question is: how do I use an updated image in a Partial View? I'm not asking about doing it programmatically. I have a very simple Partial View - code below:<div> <p style="text-align:center">Heading here</p> <img/> </div>Please note that is all the code of the Partial View.After uploading, I just want to add an image tag. The image name and ID will be available. Is there a way I can configure a wizard to select the image ?If I have to do it manually by writing HTML...

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 2018-10-12         Amos

How do I unhide a section in the Umbraco admin panel?

I'm new to Umbraco - while playing and trying to explore from the admin area, I have hidden the Users and Members sections. Now, the Members and Users sections are not visible in the admin section. I am logged in using the master/admin account.How I can unhide these sections? I want to bring them back and make them visible in the admin section. In your backoffice, click left on the round circle with the head inside to get to your user settings. From there you should be able to edit your profile settings by pressing the green "Edit" button.In your profile settings, there ...

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 2018-10-12         Eric

Umbraco form post - using CurrentUmbracoPage with anchor tag

Using Umbraco 7 - I would like to perform a form post, but then return the user back to the current form if the model state fails validation.However the application is being developed as a single page application - and with that in mind - would like to include an anchor tag in the URL so the user sees the form with validation messages.However if I use CurrentUmbracoPage() - validation works and model-state is maintained - but I can't find a way of adding an anchor tag. If I use a RedirectResult, I lose my model state!At present, if the form fails validation - the page reloa...

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 2018-10-12         Evangeline

Umbraco 4.5 in a virtual directory with umbracoUseDirectoryUrls

I've installed Umbraco 4.5 in a virtual directory on my web server (server/cms). When I edit web.config and set umbracoUseDirectoryUrls = "true", the URLs generated don't contain the virtual directory (i.e. server/page instead of server/cms/page). How can I get umbracoUseDirectoryUrls to work with an instance of Umbraco that lives in a virtual directory?UPDATE:Fixed in Umbraco 4.5.1 This is a bug in Umbraco 4.5. I've logged an issue on the Umbraco codeplex site and a fix is scheduled for release 4.5.1. [XXX]

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 2018-10-16         Bennett

Are Umbraco and NuGet packages interchangeable?

I'm building websites in Umbraco and they all use similar components and base templates. The obvious best practice is to create packages that install these things ready. But I can't tell how to do things like add project references in Umbraco, and I can't tell how to create document types (a database object) in NuGet.I've not been able to find a good comparison of abilities - what one package can do that the other can't - to be able to choose one or the other types of package. Or will I have to use both types of packages for different jobs (I don't want to go down this rout...

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 2018-10-20         Tabitha

Umbraco: Get value from a content child property

I'm creating a blog with the CMS Umbraco. To create a post i've in Umbraco's Content a Home where you have a Post as a child item.When you create this Post you have a dropdown-picker for categories, I want to get the values from this categories dropdown-picker to my sidebar to display all categories avaliable on the blog.I want my dropdownpickers-value on my sidebar. What's the easiest approach?Thanks. I think this is what you are looking for:UmbracoHelper - GetPreValuesRegardsCraig [XXX]GetPreValues was the answer, Thanks. This worked out for me. @foreach (var categ...

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 2018-10-21         Jodie

Why does my umbraco instance not have the buttons named correctly?

My local copy of Umbraco has the save button showing up as [buttons_saveAndPublish] and a lot of the other links in Umbraco have the same issue. I checked my console and I don't have any JavaScript issues showing. OK, so it looks like it broke when I changed my target framework from 4.5 to 4.6 to fix a TLS related API call issue<httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" enableVersionHeader="false" targetFramework="4.5" maxRequestLength="51200" fcnMode="Single" />Once I changed the 4.6 to 4.5 this issue went away [XXX]

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 2018-10-21         Carter

Umbraco cannot start. A connection string is configured but Umbraco cannot connect to the database

I have deployed an umbraco website. I got error:Umbraco cannot start. A connection string is configured but Umbraco cannot connect to the database.I'm surpriced because I do not use a database. It is a simple website. Does umbraco need a database to store some kind of data? Everything is working fine on my local machine.edit:Yes there is sdf file and my connection string is: <add name="umbracoDbDSN" connectionString="Data Source=|DataDirectory|\Umbraco.sdf;Flush Interval=1;" providerName="System.Data.SqlServerCe.4.0" /> So what now. How can I move data from sdf file t...

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