2018-10-21         Xaviera

p:commandButton in the second datatable doesn't work

I have two datatables in the same page. The first one is loaded when the page loads. The second one is loaded when a row is clicked. I have a command button in each row. In the first datatable works fine. But, in the second one, the parameter value is null. It only works if I use immediate attribute equals true. Does someone know why?My page:<h:form id="form"> <p:dataTable id="dtOwner" selectionMode="single" var="owner" value="#{ownerBean.retornaOwners}" selection="#{ownerBean.ownerSelected}" rowKey="#{owner.id_owner}"> <p:ajax update="form:pgCars...

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 2018-10-21         Blake

JSF reloading ViewParam after commandButton action

I'm using JSF and Primefaces. I have an edit.xhtml page with a f:viewParam receiving an entity id:<f:viewParam name="id" value="#{backingBean.entity}" converter="entityConverter" />I have two commandButton, one to submit and save the entity:<p:commandButton ajax="false" value="#{bundle.save}" action="#{backingBean.save()}"/>Another to add an item to a collection of the entity:<p:commandButton ajax="true" process="@this" value="#{bundle.add}" actionListener="#{backingBean.addItem()}" />This is my BackingBean:@ViewScoped @Named("backingBean")public class Bac...

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 2018-10-21         Vincent

JSF Primefaces - How to highlight the current selected p:menuitem.

I have the below code described for displaying the menu and highlighting the current active menu :$(document).on("click", "#menu\\:panelMenu li a",function (e) { e.preventDefault();$('#menu\\:panelMenu li a').removeClass("active");$(this).addClass('active'); });.active { color: #D09d23; font-weight: bold; background-color : #c7c3c3;} <h:form id="menu"> <p:menu style="width:100%" id="panelMenu"> <p:menuitem value="Customer" outcome="/secure/customerdetail.xhtml?customerId=#{controller.customerid}" ajax="false" id="custMenu"...

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 2018-10-21         Bernice

Sorting is not working in datatable in PrimeFaces?

Sorting is not working in datatable in PrimeFaces. Please suggest.See below my .xhtml file<h:form> <p:dataTable style="width: 60%" id="dt1" value="#{bean.list}" var="entry" first="0" paginator="true" rows="10" paginatorTemplate="{CurrentPageReport} {FirstPageLink} {PreviousPageLink} {PageLinks} {NextPageLink} {LastPageLink} {RowsPerPageDropdown}" rowsPerPageTemplate="5,10,15" emptyMessage="No cars found with given criteria" > <f:facet name="header"> <h2>Cars View</h2> </f:facet> <p:column sortBy="#{entry.carno}" filterB...

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 2018-10-21         Verna

ui: repeat + p: datatable question

I displaying multiple p:datatable 's through ui:repeat, the following code snippet illustrates what I am doing:<ui:repeat id="searchTables" value="#{searchBean.mapKeys}" var="mapKeys"> <p:dataTable id="recordTable" value="#{searchBean.resultMap[mapKeys].resultList}" var="recordTable" paginator="true" rows="10"> <f:facet name="header"> <h:outputText value="#{searchBean.resultMap[mapKeys].name}"/> </f:facet> <p:colu...

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 2018-10-21         Sidney

how to set a PrimeFaces theme?

I'm trying to get my PrimeFaces (v2.1) app to use a different theme.I downloaded vader-1.0.0.jar and put it in my WEB-INF/lib folder.I added the following to my web.xml:<context-param> <param-name>primefaces.THEME</param-name> <param-value>vader</param-value> </context-param>But when I run the app, the theme does not change.Is there something else I'm missing? Using PrimeFaces 2.1 I just put<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="#{request.contextPath}/themes/cupertino/skin.css"/>inside <h:head> of the page (in my...

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 2018-10-21         Ella

p: datatable general question

I am trying to show on a webpage different tables corresponding to different entity records. Say record types X,Y and Z.According to a search perfomed on the webpage the tables to be shown should be displayed accordingly and each of them have their own particular columns.Therefore I am trying the following as a simplified code snippet:<p:dataTable id="recordTable" binding="#{searchBean.resultTable}" value="#{searchBean.resultListx}" var="currentRecord" paginator="true" rows="10"/>Value corresponds to the list...

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 2018-10-21         Annabelle

ui: repeat not working with a p: datatable

I just read the related questionwhy-doesnt-hdatatable-inside-uirepeat-get-correct-idI have a list of PrimeFaces datatable on my bean, and I want to use ui:repeat to cycle through all these tables.. However the iteration is not working..Any ideas?My relevant piece of code is the following:<ui:repeat id="searchTables" value="#{searchBean.resultList}" var="currentListOfLists"> <p:dataTable id="bindedTable" binding="#{currentListOfLists}" var="currentList"/> </ui...

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 2018-10-21         Benson

Primefaces do not submit hidden input

I'm using Primefaces 5.0.4 and JSF 2.2. I have a dataTable with some hidden inputs in the rows for setting some js values. My Problem is that i want to submit the Table, but not the hidden inputs, because they refer to a non writeable property. Is this possible? best Regards Maybe using an HTML hidden field will solve your problem, it will not prevent them from being submitted but they will not update your JSF backing beans.<input type="hidden" value="#{yourBean.value}" />This input can be used as usual via JavaScript, you can also assign directly the bean value to...

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 2018-10-21         Stephanie

jsf pie charts with drill down

is there any component in jsf that provides pie charts with drill down facility ?is it possible with jsf ? Try primefaces "interactive charts":http://www.primefaces.org/showcase/ui/interactiveCharts.jsf [XXX]

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 2018-10-21         Bowen

What URL to use to link / navigate to other JSF pages

I am confused about how to link between files in a Java Server Faces project, when some of the files are in sub-folders. (I was going to attach screenshots so you can see the Nebeans project view, and files view of the example I am trying.... but I'm not allowed to add images yet). I my example project I have files called "index.xhtml" and "calculate/calculate.xhtml". I also have a file called "template.xhtml" which is used by both. The question is what url format to use in the template that will work for both files.In straight html I would just use something like the fo...

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 2018-10-22         Ina

af:popup is throwing required field validation error as soon as it opens (Jdev version

Today I came across one exception for which I am not able to find the root cause as this error is very unpredictable.My requirement is simple, I am developing the ADF form where I am performing simple DML operation.For adding new record , I am using popup. Issue comes here, whenever I click on Add button popup opens up and it automatically throws the required field validations.Please go through below popup code for your reference. (Jdev version<af:popup childCreation="deferred" autoCancel="enabled" id="p1" popupFetchListener="#{pageFlowScope.bean.onPopupFetch}"...

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 2018-10-22         Cherry

ADF table refresh issue

I am facing an issue in ADF table.When i click on editable cell, table executes and i lose focus on cell, focus goes to first cell in header.Table properties:<af:table value="#{bindings.RgcResultsMonitor1.collectionModel}" var="row" rows="#{bindings.RgcResultsMonitor1.rangeSize}" emptyText="#{bindings.RgcResultsMonitor1.viewable ? 'No data to display.' : 'Access Denied.'}" rowBandingInterval="0" selectedRowKeys="#{bindings.RgcResultsMonitor1.collectionModel.selectedRow}" selectionListene...

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 2018-10-22         Archibald

where can i get the sandbox tag library jar file

I am trying to use sanbox in my jsf application. So i need tag library for sandbox or jar filecan anyone help me out in this. You can identify which Sandbox Jar you need to use from here [XXX]

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 2018-10-22         Zenobia

Error trying to use a4j:mediaOutput on JBoss EAP 6.4

I'm trying to render a picture in my application. I have choosen a4j:mediaOutput to render that. I use the example from the jboss doc link and it shows the error: 11:49:53,716 SEVERE [org.richfaces.log.Resource] (http-localhost/ Input error for deserialize data : java.io.InvalidClassException: Unauthorized deserialization attempt; simple.MediaData at org.richfaces.util.LookAheadObjectInputStream.resolveClass(LookAheadObjectInputStream.java:100) [richfaces-core-4.5.17.Final.jar:4.5.17.Final] at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readNonProxyDesc(ObjectIn...

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 2018-10-22         Blithe

Is there a free JSF Webhost out there?

i am looking for a free Webhost for JSF sites..unfortunately i didn't find any by Google. It is just for testing .. i know .. i could test it with localhost.but i do want to have real time conditions. So I'm afraid they aren't free, but they are pretty close.Have you considered using a cloud computing service. You pay by the hour, typically pennies, that you use and when you don't need the machine instance it can be turned off. You would need to find a server instance that did what you needed or make your own but once done you have one or more machines available on dema...

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