2018-10-18         Barnett

Suppress Firefox/Firebug SHA-1 warning

I use Firebug for web development. Since version Firefox 37 I see the following annoying message in my console: This site makes use of a SHA-1 Certificate; it's recommended you use certificates with signature algorithms that use hash functions stronger than SHA-1"I understand that it is an important message, but it is duplicated many times and makes my work almost impossible.Moreover, it appears every time my page communicates with other pages, for example with Google Analytics and other counters. So if I were to update my certificate, this message would still appear becau...

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 2018-10-19         Barton

disabling frame resize in Firefox

I have the following frameset:<frameset rows="625,*" cols="*" framespacing="0" frameborder="0" border="0" noresize> <frame marginheight="0px" src="music-NEW.php" name="mainFrame" scrolling="NO" frameborder="0" noresize> <frame marginheight="0px" src="musicplayer.php" name="bottomFrame" scrolling="NO" frameborder="0" noresize> </frameset>in IE the frameset renders how I would like, the appearance of one seamless page. in Firefox, the frameset displays with a grabable bar between the frames and allows grabbing the bar and resizing the fr...

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 2018-10-20         Beverly

Firefox XUL textbox: How to scroll to the bottom?

I'm working on a Firefox extension, and I have created a multiline text box. When the user presses a button, I add text to the textbox by using (Javascript) TextBoxElement.value += "More Text";The problem with this code, is that whenever more text is added, the textbox scrolls all the way to the top. With much testing, I haven't figured out how to make it scroll all the way to the bottom again. For some reason the scrollTop property is always 0, and setting it doesn't effect the scroll bar. Is there any ways I can set the scroll bar back to the bottom of the text box?My ext...

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 2018-10-21         Nina

Firefox Radio Button Weirdness

I have a form with a lot of groups of radios. Each radio has a unique id and has the same name as the others in its group. The page validates as XHTML transitional.Tested in IE6 & 7, Opera, Safari, and Chrome it works exactly as you would think it would from either mouse or keyboard input.In FireFox it goes crazy. A single click on any radio in a group sets the first radio in the group checked. A double click on a radio usually selects it. Anyone seen this before?Sample group looks like this:<input type="radio" name="upAndDown_1" id="upAndDown_11" value="Y" /&g...

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 2018-10-21         Quincy

How to update self-hosted firefox webExtension

How do I configure my self-distrubuted firefox webExtension to auto-update, I have tried following MDN update doc but still unable to update.My web Extension is hosted on a sub-domain name like "https://files.example.com/myfile/extension.xpi"My updates.json file resides at the same location with my .xpi fileThis is a prototype of my updates.json{ "addons": { "updates": [ { "version": "1.2", "update_link": "https://files.abc.com/myfiles/extension-1.2-an+fx.xpi" }, { "version": "1.3", "update_link": "https://files.abc.com/myfiles/extension-1....

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 2018-10-21         Muriel

Firefox is removing the event and data parameters from knockout click binding function

I have a knockout click binding function that works in Chrome and IE, but errors in firefox with the following error:ReferenceError: event is not defined I realise that I have to pass in the event as it's not part of the window in FF, but it looks like FF changes the binding so that I am unable to pass in the event.My template as written looks like this:<button class="btn subplan" data-bind="click: function(data, event) { $root.openPlanModal(data, event) }, css: {'btn-success': (percentComplete()==100 && statusOverride()=='' && SOCexpired()==false) || (st...

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 2018-10-21         Poppy

Firefox does not allow initiating unreliable WebRTC dataChannels?

In this example I'm using simple-peer, although I have tested with other implementations as well as my own. This seems to be an issue with creating the data channels.The example from the github page of simple-peer has been slightly modified and used: https://github.com/feross/simple-peervar init = location.hash === '#1';var config = {reliable:true, maxRetransmits:0, ordered:false};var p = new SimplePeer({ initiator: init, trickle: false, channelConfig: config })console.log(p);p.on('error', function (err) { console.log('error', err) })p.on('signal', function (data) { consol...

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 2018-10-21         Oliver

How to download any generated by JS file from firefox addon?

I need to my extension can generate and save text file inside downloads folder. Just give me example of code how to do it. The downloads API is what you are probably looking for:https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/downloadsThe downloads.download() function lets you download a file from a URL to your Downloads folder. Here is the example based on the Downloads.download() page. function onStartedDownload(id) { console.log('Started downloading: ' + id);}function onFailed(error) { console.log('Download failed: ' + error);}var download...

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 2018-10-21         Bruce

Customize Tab Context Menu in Firefox

I am trying to find a way to customize - add more items, to be specific - to the tab context menu in Firefox through their add-ons SDK. So far I know that we can customize the page context only. Does anyone know how we could accomplish what I'm trying to do?There's a similar question asked about Google Chrome as well. If its any help still, here's what I've accomplished so far in order to add a 'menuitem' to the tab right-click menu for youtube.com// Import necessary APIsvar tabs = require("sdk/tabs");var { MatchPattern } = require("sdk/util/match-pattern");var pattern =...

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 2018-10-21         Dana

Cross origin request and mixed-content only on Firefox

I'm working on a project which requires HTTPS, so I startup a HTTPS server with self-signed certificate. I also have an HTTP API Server with CORS enabled.I'm able to fetch API request on Chrome. Here the header of preflight response(with HTTP status code 204): Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true Access-Control-Allow-Headers: appversion,channel,content-type,language Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET,HEAD,PUT,PATCH,POST,DELETE Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://localhost:3001 Connection: keep-alive Content-Length: 0 Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 04:04:45 GMT ...

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 2018-10-21         Camille

Which Framework or tool Mozilla uses to develop their products?

I know this is not related to programming but I am curious to know about which Framework or tool (like we use .NET Framework to develop desktop application interface) mozilla uses to develop their products like "Firefox", "Thunderbird" etc.I like the interface of their applications the buttons especially looks cool and light weight. In first look their application and interface looks light weight. Whereas in .NET frameworks desktop applications, buttons looks heavy they are not having effects like moziila have on their interface.Can anyone tell me what they uses and can i u...

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 2018-10-22         Bertram

Ogg (theora / vorbis) playback in Firefox 3.6

I have this html5 code, with a MP4 for Chrome (working), an OGG for Firefox (failing) and the same ogg via a java applet for Internet Explorer (working):<video width="848" height="480" controls="controls" autoplay="true" > <source src="vernissage_cpal_2009.mp4" type="video/mp4" /> <source src="vernissage_cpal_2009.ogv" type="video/ogg" /> <applet code="com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class" archive="http://theora.org/cortado.jar" width="848" height="480"> <param name="url" value="vernissage_cpal_2009.ogv" /> ...

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 2018-10-22         John

Play ogg inside a page?

I was pretty surprised when i saw http://www.vorbis.com/music/Hydrate-Kenny_Beltrey.ogg link not give me a download option but had a player that was not flash playing the audio back. (FireFox)Is there a way i can embed this onto a page? Use the HTML5 Audio tag.P.S. Although you tagged as firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera 10.5 also have support for audio [XXX]You can use HTML5 to embed this on a page, but it will not play back consistently across browsers. The only way to get consistent audio/video playback across browsers is to use a plugin and Flash has the widest u...

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 2018-10-22         Ronald

building a Cygwin version of GNU make

I want to add a couple of logging options to GNU make so I can see what is happening when building FireFox and friends. I have the make-3.80 sources and a complete working Cygwin build environment. Starting with ./configure and the Make I get a working executable as expected. Question: What configuration is required so the executable in an identical manner to the make.exe bundled in Moztools?Background:If HAVE_CYGWIN_SHELL is not defined then with #define HAVE_CYGWIN_SHELL 1Make barfs as soon as it hits this section of the Mozilla configure scriptCWD := $(shell pwd)ifneq (1...

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 2018-10-22         Miriam

Inline base64 encoded link not working in Firefox

I have this link:<a href="data:application/pdf;base64,JVBERi0x...KJSVFT0YK">PDF</a>In Safari on MacOsX, clicking the link instantly opens the PDF. In Firefox 3.6.2, it doesn't. When I choose Download, it saves it as "u7WYuJME.pdf(2).part", which is a valid PDF file. When I choose "Open with Preview", it downloads it but does not open it. Can I change something so that Firefox opens it correctly? Firefox is like that for any data, not only to pdfSee a browser support chart here (the site itself is not related, but it explains your problem) Firefox 3.0+ Fil...

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 2018-10-22         Maurice

Firefox plugin CPU usage

I need to collect data on firefox CPU usage during web-development coding session and I'm wondering if it is possible to monitor CPU usage of particular firefox plugin.Right now i'm using windows' perfmon.msc, but it will only allow me to monitor firefox process as a whole.Do you know any tools that would allow me to get CPU data from a plugin? Is it possible at all ? You could analyze the CPU usage using Process Explorer. Right-click on the Firefox process and select properties. On the Threads tab you will see the different threads including add-ins such as Flash or Acr...

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