2018-10-10         Marian

how to installing plugin on octobercms

I installed octobercms on uwamp as localhost and I'm on windows but I don't know how to install plugins for octobercms, I can't find something like download and then upload to plugin file or something like that. There are two ways you can install a plugin, first, you can download the plugin and copy it to the plugins directory in the root of your project. Another way is by going to the admin control panel, whose address is http://localhost/backend by default. Then go to settings page and from the left menu select Updates & Plugins. Now you can click on install plugin...

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 2018-10-11         Truda

Upgrade existing umbraco project with version 4.8.1 to latest version 7.5.3

I want to upgrade my existing umbraco project with version 4.8.1 to latest version 7.5.3, but i don't know the exact way, whether to convert incremental step by step (from 4.8.1 to 4.10.X, 4.10.X to 4.11.X and so on..) or directly to version 7.5.3, Please give me the proper solution that let me upgrade my existing versioned umbraco project to latest version of umbraco.Thanks I have done a couple of these now, one of them on a very large site. I would definitely upgrade v4 incrementally to each minor revision because the upgrade process was not as reliable as it is now an...

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 2018-10-12         Rita

How to change link to document in Umbraco manually

My breadcrumbs are broken because of incorrect link to home page.Please tell me, how can I change the "Link to document" parameter manually.I use umbraco 4.7.2I need the omain name only on home page and full absolute pathes on internal pages.Thanks. Right Click on on Home Content and select Manage Hosting.Enter Domain Name and select Language and click on Add New Domain / Update button. [XXX]Your "link to document" field is set to "/" which from your question sounds like what you wanted? If not you have a few options. Check out these settings that you can use for giv...

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 2018-10-12         Ann

Umbraco: nodes and content are disappearing or outdated

I'm new to web designing and have been using Umbraco to modify and update a website that my company has. I update everything in the site directly via extranet acessing the Umbraco Back Office (the admin page, by default ~/umbraco). I don't have direct acess to the server my company uses, so please keep that in mind.Since I started using Umbraco I noticed that sometimes the nodes, content and anything else I add on the website just disappear over the weekend or after a day or two. Most of the time what happens is that the content on the website itself is updated but the cont...

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 2018-10-12         Joy

Disabled Umbraco users still appearing in backend

I appreciate that you cannot delete users from Umbraco in the true sense of the word due to referential integrity within the SQL database should there be any nodes associated with themI have a database that has had several dev/test users created over time and I need to deliver the database to a client.If I disable a user (selecting both "Disable user" and "Disable Umbraco Access"), how can I stop them appearing in the list of users in the backend? I do not mind them remaining dormant in the database but do not want the client (who will be logging on as an Admin) see them ...

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 2018-10-12         Kristin

Umbraco Carousel Content

I am putting together my first Umbraco project and starting to pick it up nicely. I am a little stuck at creating an appropriate repeatable field for a Carousel with text, image and a link but also how to output that in a template.I come from a Craft CMS / Expression Engine background and would usually use a repeatable field like Matrix or Grid for such a task.Any help would be fantastic!Thanks!-Graham Check Nested Content package (it will be included in Umbraco Core soon): https://our.umbraco.org/projects/backoffice-extensions/nested-content/ and then create appropriate...

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 2018-10-12         Jason

Umbraco 7: custom dropdown dynamically populated from Items in a specific node

I have a "Language" document type, and under my site's Content I have a folder called "Languages" which contains all the languages we support.I created a custom Data Type called "Languages Dropdown", and I want this dropdown to be populated from the instances of "Language" present at a specific path.This is my default Sitecore thinking in action. Is such a thing even possible in Umbraco? Certainly - first of all, take a look at nuPickers and see if that can do what you want - 99% of the time this sort of thing can be handled really easily with that package:https://our.um...

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 2018-10-12         Wordsworth

internal links in Lektor's markdown blocks

I want to build a website, maybe similar to a movie database, where every page has, say, actors, director, year (it seems that Lektor can deal very well with such structured metadata), and I am thinking about how to realize internal links between pages on that site.Say I have a text such as just like in [his previous movie](link), he shows again ...then I guess I could use the absolute path of the linked page as link target, but that makes me very inflexible with respect to changing URL structure. Can I somehow just use the ID of the target content?Or, better yet, can I so...

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 2018-10-12         Yvette

How to add landing page in Netsuite (SCA) without CMS

How to create new landing page on SCA (Netsuite) Vinson version without CMS/SMT. i am trying to do so because my CMS is not working. Please give me the steps to create it.Thanks CMS is the preferred method for creating static or landing pages in Netsuite SCA.Please make sure you exhaust all option before trying alternatives.Maybe it is due to some simple mistake such as you selected different CMS/SMT Adapter version in SCA Setup or Configuration. Alternative methods are creating Custom Module.If there are products to be displayed, you can use Commerce Categories [XXX...

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 2018-10-17         Daniel

OCM or Nodes in JCR?

We are developing a CMS based on JCR/Sling/JSP/Felix/etc.What I found so far is using Nodes are very straight forward and flexible. But my concern is over time it could become too hard to maintain and manage.So, is it wise to invest in using a OCM? Would it be just an extra layer of complexity? What's the real benefit in OCM if there's any? Or it's better for us to stick to Nodes instead?And lastly, is Jackrabbit OCM the best option for us if we are to go down that path?Thank you. In my personal experience I can say it severly depends on your situation if OCM is a useful...

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 2018-10-18         Tim

htmlArea RTE not loading in TYPO3 6.2

I have just migrated six websites from TYPO3 4.x to TYPO3 6.2 In all of these, I use the htmlArea RTE, but only in one of these, the RTE does not work.It's installed fine, but when I open a content element, the RTE keeps trying to load and simply does not open.I know that there was a bug related to this (TYPO3 can't enable htmlArea RTE) but this is NOT the solution for my problem.Because all my other TYPO3 installations work fine, I am really clueless and would appreciate any help. SOLVED! Just in case anyone else is having a similar problem:In my PageTSConfig, I had...

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 2018-10-19         Douglas

Subcategories and Drop-down Menus in Graffiti CMS?

I am trying to build my first website using Graffiti CMS and have added a couple of categories that have parents. Yet they don't appear anywhere in my Navigation config screen, nor (obviously) on the menu system. How do you display sub-categories?Is there a turnkey way to implement dropdown menus or do I have to roll my own? You can grab some example code from the free Training theme. Grab the theme from the theme section of graffiti-admin (/graffiti-admin/presentation/themes) and follow the instructions here:http://graffiticmstips.com/tips/graffiticms/drop-down-menu-n...

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 2018-10-20         Florence

Identify unknown ASN.1 Objects

We searched for DER-encoded SEQUENCE's in an executable. After cherrpicking those, which looked like valid DER-encoded data, we wanted to analyse how they are used.X.509 Certificates and CMS Objects were easy to recognize (since we are aware of them), but we also found valid encodings, from which we cant tell what they are used for.E.g. Have a look at the following output of openssl asn1parse (...): 0:d=0 hl=4 l=1804 cons: SEQUENCE 4:d=1 hl=2 l= 1 prim: INTEGER :03 7:d=1 hl=4 l=1797 cons: SEQUENCE 11:d=2 hl=2 l= 20 cons: S...

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 2018-10-21         Gabriel

ExpressionEngine use

My company has used ExpressionEngine for their CMS service and currently we have been discussing changes to our website and whether or not Expression is the something to keep or to search for a new/better CMS. I notice that topics on this subject matter seem to end in 2014 so it is difficult to get information on uses and updates that could prove beneficial. It would be great to know your thoughts on this CMS or better options that a non-profit group could look into. I am the web associate for my team and I am trying to expand my education on design and CMS uses, so any ...

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 2018-10-21         Tammy

CrafterCMS: How to use crafter engine properties in an application-context bean?

I am connecting to an external database with a class that extends JdbcTemplate. My problem is that I can't use the globalProperties of the Groovy API because of the Jdbc.I added these properties I needed in the server-config.properties:studio.db.driverClassNamestudio.db.urlstudio.db.usernamestudio.db.passwordI am trying to access them in my application-context.xml with this:<bean id="jdbc" class="com.dbJdbcTemplate"> <constructor-arg ref="datasource"/></bean><bean id="datasource" class="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource"> <property nam...

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 2018-10-22         Sandra

Hotel/guest house directory - Recommendation for open source software / CMS

I would like to create a hotel/guest house directory similar to booking.com and I'm looking for an open source web software / CMS / plugin in order to realize this.What I'm planning to do is the following:Hotel/ guest house managers can register on the page and enter some data (address, how many rooms they have, pictures etc.), later on they should be able to edit the data on their ownUsers can see an overview/directory of all the available hotels/guest houses, see their profile and also contact themOn a map all the hotels/ guest houses can be seenThe application should be ...

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