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[SOLVED] How do you change Advanced Matching Personal info after init FB Pixel with other info?

After initializing the Facebook Pixel with personal information for Advanced Matching, are you allowed to change the personal information for Advanced Matching? This is for a Single Page Application. I tried to initialize the Facebook Pixel again with new personal information, and the pixel still was reporting the original Advanced Matching info that I initialized with.

For example, we would run:

window.fbq('init', <FACEBOOK_ID>, { em: <email> });

On a later page we get more information about them, so we would run:

window.fbq('init', <FACEBOOK_ID>, { em: <email>, st: <state> })

The new infomation, in this example state info, is not being reported.

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        answered    Vita     2018-07-24      

As you are using single page application so you have to do init again, This is not possible to append the advance parameter.

window.fbq('init', <FACEBOOK_ID>, { em: <email>, st: <state> })

Facbook always fire the event after initializing the pixel so in your first line code call was already sent to faecbook and that's fire. Now if you want to send another parameter then you have to send the call to facebook again with init.

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