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[SOLVED] How display (hierarchical) years and months of my articles creating (PHP, Yii2)?

I have articles table in my DB:

id(int), title(varchar), text(text), created_date(date)

I need display all months and years of articles creating with count of articles like this:

Jan (5)
Mar (7)
Jul (5)
Dec (1)

Feb (12)
Sep (3)

Aug (13)
Sep (6)
Nov (2)

How can I do this with Yii2?

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        answered    Nelly     2018-10-22      

Hi I dont now how to do this in yii but the basic query to access to this data ,It would be something like this.

First execte this SQL query

SELECT YEAR(created_date),MONTH(created_date), COUNT(id) TotalCount
FROM articles
GROUP BY YEAR(created_date), MONTH(created_date);

This will return you a result what you need , count all articles . by month and year.

Then what do yo need do now is implements this query into you project Yii2 and parse and split how you need

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