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[SOLVED] Alternative solution for :focus on multiple buttons

I'm struggling to find a different solution for :focus when clicked on a button, as Safari doesn't support :focus on buttons.

I have a field of 16 buttons, which should change colours when clicking on it and loose it when different button is clicked.

I have created this fiddle to show the events. toggleClass is not the right solution and would like to avoid :focus.

Current JS code:

$(".tbl-button").on("click", function() {

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        answered    Warner     2018-10-22      

You can just change your css declaration from .table-btn-color to .tbl-button:active.

but if you want to use jQuery you can do it like this

$(".tbl-button").on("mousedown", function() {
}).on('mouseup', function(){

In order to retain the class on the selected element you can do it like so:

$(".tbl-button").on("mousedown", function() {
  // remove the class form all .tbl-button elements
  // add it to the currently pressed element

        answered    Beryl     2018-10-22      

Can you try replace this: $(".tbl-button:focus").addClass("table-btn-color");

by this $( document.activeElement ).addClass("table-btn-color");

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