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[SOLVED] Sqlite getting the latest record for this table

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong here. I am querying sqlite table the to get the latest record for each College but the result is not completely accurate. Below is the source table:

College  Status           Date
"UTAR   "CERTIFIED" "07/30/2018"
"UTA"   "CERTIFIED" "03/19/2018"
"UTD"   "CERTIFIED" "06/08/2018"
"UTEL"  "CERTIFIED" "03/13/2018"
"UTSA"  "CERTIFIED" "02/06/2018"
"UTT"   "CERTIFIED" "03/14/2018"
"UTPB"  "CERTIFIED" "07/23/2018"
"UTRG"  "CERTIFIED" "04/12/2018"
"UTAR"  "CERTIFIED" "05/31/2017"
"UTA"   "CERTIFIED" "03/02/2017"
"UTD"   "CERTIFIED" "04/13/2017"
"UTEL"  "CERTIFIED" "03/10/2017"
"UTSA"  "CERTIFIED" "02/13/2017"
"UTT"   "CERTIFIED" "03/11/2017"
"UTPB"  "CERTIFIED" "03/29/2017"
"UTRG"  "CERTIFIED" "04/12/2017" 

and this is my query:

FROM Status_Table AS S1
WHERE Date = (
                 SELECT MAX(Date)
                 FROM Status_Table AS S2
                 WHERE S1.College = S2.College

and the result is:

College  Status           Date
"UTAR"  "CERTIFIED" "07/30/2018"
"UTA"   "CERTIFIED" "03/19/2018"
"UTD"   "CERTIFIED" "06/08/2018"
"UTEP"  "CERTIFIED" "03/13/2018"
"UTT"   "CERTIFIED" "03/14/2018"
"UTPB"  "CERTIFIED" "07/23/2018"
"UTRG"  "CERTIFIED" "04/12/2018"
"UTSA"  "CERTIFIED" "02/13/2017"

if you notice in the case of UTSA it did not pick up the latest date of 02/06/2018. Any idea what I am doing wrong here?

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        answered    Kyle     2018-10-22      

The problem should be related the the column type. From the SQLite document about date time,

SQLite does not have a storage class set aside for storing dates and/or times. Instead, the built-in Date And Time Functions of SQLite are capable of storing dates and times as TEXT, REAL, or INTEGER values:

I don't know why there is no warning or error when you created the table, but it seems that the comparison is using string comparison instead of date. The column is changed to TEXT and the date format 'YYYY-MM-DD' is applied in my sql fiddle. Then using date function in the query and everything seems work.

sql fiddle

        answered    Sam     2018-10-22      

You need group by Max date. Try this -

FROM Status_Table
               FROM Status_Table
               GROUP BY College);

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