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[SOLVED] Datatables colReorder saving WITHOUT statesave

I am using datatables and am using colReorder and need to save the state of the columns without using statesave(I am not allowed to use localcache). I do however have a preference table in my database for storing this kind of information in JSON format.

I have looked at colReorder.order() which looks like what I need to get the order.

What I'm thinking so far is on a column change, call colReorder.order() and place that returned array in my preferences table and then on re-initialization use that to re-order the table.

So my question/what I need help on is this: On a change of the colOrder, I need to save the order they're in and update my preferences. How do I do this? I can't seem to find "where" to place the colReorder.order(). I haven't seen an onChange() for datatables or even sure if that would be the best way to approach this

EDIT: David's answer is the ideal solution, however not applicable in my situation due to code already existing and laziness.

My solution/work-around that I found was to stringify and save details.mapping from within this function to my preferences and on initialization of my table I use colReorder.order(savedArray[],true).

Leaving it in case anyone finds themselves in the situation I was in.

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        answered    Harvey     2018-10-22      

Actually DataTables provide methods for storing and retrieving state to and from an alternative location. Look at stateSaveCallback and stateLoadCallback.

I do however have a preference table in my database for storing this kind of information in JSON format

Then you just need to fill out the "blanks". Lets assume you have a serverside script called statesave that can store and retrieve the state by 'set' and 'get' using an unique userId. The skeleton would look like this:

  stateSave: true,
  stateSaveCallback: function(settings, data) {
     $.ajax( {
      url: 'statesave',
      dataType: 'json',
      data: { 
        action: 'set', 
        userId: aUserId,
        state: data 
  stateLoadCallback: function(settings) {
     var state;
     $.ajax( {
       url: 'statesave',
       dataType: 'json',
       async: false,
       data: { 
         action: 'get', 
         userId: aUserId
       success: function(data) {
         state = data
     return state

        answered    Hugo     2018-10-22      

It sounds like you are using the server-side processing option. If that's the case, you can add the column reorder array to the sent parameters object and save it that way.

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