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[SOLVED] how to test private function outside react component

I have a private function outside component. It sounds more convenient to do test for function alone better than test it inside MyComponent, but it's private not exported.

function func(){
 return something;

export default class MyComponent extends Component {

render <SomeComponent someProp={func()} />

I use mocha and enzyme for test and I wonder if there is anyway to test private function rather than test it inside the component.

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        answered    Ruby     2018-10-22      

func is defined in module scope. It's not possible to reach variables outside the scope they were defined in JavaScript.

Even if func were exported, it would be impossible to provide proper unit tests for it, i.e. test func in one test, then test a unit depends on func (MyComponent) in another test with func being mocked/spied. func is referred within the module, its calls cannot be spied or stubbed.

In order to be fully testable, func needs to be either class method, this makes sense if func and MyComponent are related. Or move func to another module. In this case it's possible to mock the module, or as explained in this answer, due to how ES modules work, func import could be mocked/spied on module * import.

        answered    Nat     2018-10-22      

It's hard to get any value from unit tests for private methods.

Why do you may want that?

  1. To increase test coverage KPI. But once private methods are called by public - they will be taken into account anyway.
  2. To ensure everything is working... But making tests for private methods may lead to:

    a. tests are broken while component as a part of system works fine(say, private method has been changed, renamed or removed... but not tests for it) - false negative

    b. tests for private methods are fine, but component is broken(say, private method is needed to be called but it is not) - false positive

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