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[SOLVED] Regex match string which does not fully consist of angular expressions

I've the pleasure to find all strings in our projects which are not angularjs expressions because we're going multi language (so every string which is not fully between curly braces).

What I wanna do is build a regex which matches all strings, which have no angular expressions (or part of the string is no angular expression).

The var names describe which should match (yes) and which shouldn't (nope).

var yes = "test";
var nope = "{{xyz}}";
var yes = "test {{xyz}}";
var nope = "{{::xyz}}";
var nope = "{{xyz}} {{abc}}"; //as whitespace is okay

Tried a lot of different stuff using negative lookaheads etc. but ended up with a not even close working regex.


Maybe somebody can help me, as my head is like to explode...


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        answered    Deborah     2018-10-22      

You may use following regex for match:


RegEx Demo

RegEx Details:

  • ": Match start quote
  • (?:: Start non-capture group
    • \s*{{[^\s}]*}}\s*: Match {{...}} string surrounded by optional whitespaces.
  • )+: End non-capture group. + matches 1 or more of this group
  • ": Match end quote

        answered    Otis     2018-10-22      

Thanks to anubhava as his post and explanation helped me creating this regex here:


var yes = "test";
var nope = "{{xyz}}";
var yes = "test {{xyz}}";
var yes = "{test";
var yes = "{test} bearbeiten";
var yes = "{test}";
var nope = "{{::xyz}}";
var nope = "{{xyz}} {{abc}}";
var yes = "{{xyz}} test {{abc}}";
var yes = "{{xyz}} test {{abc}} temp {{var}}";

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