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[SOLVED] How do I get a number to render in my UI with a space after every 4 characters?

I have a 16 digit property that comes back for example(1234123412341234). I would like it to render on my UI with a space every 4 number characters for example(1234 1234 1234 1234). I'm using Angular JS so I'm looking for a way to accomplish this. I'm pretty sure it's either a custom Angular filter or regex related, but my knowledge of either and how to implement it is limited.

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        answered    Penny     2018-10-22      

AngularJS filter is easy to setup. Just accept one parameter and apply any JS formatting on it. Here is a working example:

var app = angular.module('myApp', []);
app.filter('myFilter', function() {
  return function(x) {
    return x.toString().replace(/\d{4}(?=.)/g, '$& '); // your format filter here
app.controller('demoCtrl', function($scope) {
  $scope.test = 1234123412341234;
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
  <div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="demoCtrl">
    {{test | myFilter}}

        answered    Rosalind     2018-10-22      

You can use a regex with lookahead.

The Positive Lookahead looks for the pattern after the equal sign, but does not include it in the match.


Matches 'x' only if 'x' is followed by 'y'. This is called a lookahead.

For example, /Jack(?=Sprat)/ matches 'Jack' only if it is followed by 'Sprat'. /Jack(?=Sprat|Frost)/ matches 'Jack' only if it is followed by 'Sprat' or 'Frost'. However, neither 'Sprat' nor 'Frost' is part of the match results.

function format(s) {
    return s.toString().replace(/\d{4}(?=.)/g, '$& ');


        answered    Quentin     2018-10-22      

You can use match() and then join() with a whitespace.

var str = '1234123412341234';
var res = str.match(/.{1,4}/g).join(' ');

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