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[SOLVED] SyntaxError: multiple statements found while compiling a single statement

I'm in Python 3.3 and I'm only entering these 3 lines:

import sklearn as sk
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

I'm getting this error:

SyntaxError: multiple statements found while compiling a single statement

What could I be doing wrong?

Edit: If anyone comes across this question, the solution I found was to download Idlex and use its IDLE version, which allows multiple lines.


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        answered    Clara     2018-10-22      

In the shell, you can't execute more than one statement at a time:

>>> x = 5
y = 6
SyntaxError: multiple statements found while compiling a single statement

You need to execute them one by one:

>>> x = 5
>>> y = 6

When you see multiple statements are being declared, that means you're seeing a script, which will be executed later. But in the interactive interpreter, you can't do more than one statement at a time.

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