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[SOLVED] Alamofire - Bad request

I am afraid I cannot share the API url. But I have checked on Postman, it works. It is a POST request and following is the response :

    "user_key": "b0aebdedb15e2beaaf479ca3c4f8227e8e970681"

Postman screenshot :

enter image description here

In code, this is the request I am making using Alamofire :

Alamofire.request("some url", method: .post, parameters: params, encoding: URLEncoding.httpBody, headers: ["Content-Type":"application/json"])
            .responseObject { (response: DataResponse<User>) in

                let userResponse = response.result.value

But userResponse comes to be nil. This is the User object :

import ObjectMapper

class User: Mappable {

    var authToken: String?

     required init?(map: Map) {


    func mapping(map: Map) {
        self.authToken <- map["user_key"]


I am using ObjectMapper here.

Assuming the it is not a JSON object, I tried to handle it as a String :

 Alamofire.request("some url", method: .post, parameters: params, encoding: URLEncoding.httpBody, headers: ["Content-Type":"application/json"])
            .responseString { (response: DataResponse<String>) in
                let dataUser = as! Any
                let dataUser1 = as! AnyObject
                let error = response.error
                let code = response.response?.statusCode

Still, nothing. I am not able to retrieve the value. The status code however comes out to be 400 (bad request). What exactly is it ? JSON object or String ? How do I fix this ?

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Just try to replace

this URLEncoding.httpBody to JSONEncoding.default


Uses JSONSerialization to create a JSON representation of the parameters object, which is set as the body of the request. The Content-Type HTTP header field of an encoded request is set to application/json.

Alamofire reference

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