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[SOLVED] Parsing JSON, data turns Nil in API Service Using Alamofire

I was about to get data from API, when I tried to print the response from the API, it printed successfully, and when I tried to print the data from an Object, it also printed successfully, but when I checked the variable attendees in my APIService, the value is always nil,that's why when passing the value in UI it also turns into nil. How can I get the data from JSON to reflect to attendess in Api Service. I am too puzzled regarding this. Please help me. Thank you.

getParticipant Function in API Service

func getParticipants(passcode: String,
                     participantType: ParticipantType,
                     successBlock: @escaping (Attendees?) -> Void,
                     failureBlock: @escaping (Error) -> Void)
    let attendeesURL = URL(string: "\(GET_PARTICIPANTS_URL)/\(passcode)/\(participantType)")

    Alamofire.request(attendeesURL!, method: .get).responseJSON { (response) in

        if let error = response.error

        if let attendeeJSON = response.result.value as? [Dictionary<String, Any>],
            let attendeeObj = attendeeJSON.first {
            let attendees = Attendees.init(JSON: attendeeObj)


attendees in UI which should accept data also turns into nil because attendees in APIService is nil

var passcode = ""
var attendees = [Attendees]()

 @IBAction func submitButton(_ sender: UIButton) {


    passcode = passcodeLabel.text!

    //check if empty

        _ = SCLAlertView(appearance: appearance).showError("Ooops!", subTitle: "Please input valid event code.")
    } else {



func getParticipants() {

   // var participantType: ParticipantType!

    let api = APIService(APIKey: passcode)

    api.getParticipants(passcode: passcode, participantType: .all, successBlock: { (attendees) in

        if let attendeesArray = attendees {

            self.attendees = [attendeesArray]
            do {

                _ = SCLAlertView(appearance: appearance).showError("Message", subTitle: "Details:\(self.attendees)")



    }) { (error) in

            _ = SCLAlertView(appearance: appearance).showError("Network Error", subTitle: "Network Error:\(error)")


Sample JSON

    "event_name": "Laugh Trip",
    "event_participants": [
            "participant_id": "6f1e7fd5-6da9-4d5b-bc91-4771aeaa5235",
            "employee_number": "",
            "last_name": "name",
            "first_name": "name",
            "middle_name": "",
            "display_name": "name, name ",
            "department_name": "IT",
            "position_name": "Application Developer",
            "registered_flag": true,
            "registered_datetime": "2018-07-16T14:51:57.813",
            "registration_type": 1,
            "delete_flag": false,
            "manual_reg_flag": false,
            "out_flag": true,
            "out_datetime": "2018-07-16T14:54:00.000",
            "classification": 1,
            "others": ""

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        answered    Roderick     2018-10-22      

Because of your Attendees model's data type is mismatched

  • You should check every parameter's datatype of response and compare with your created Attendees datatype

I hope this will work because of I faced this problem and solved it

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