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[SOLVED] Android studio device file explorer gets stuck when downloading a file

When I try to download files from my device in Android Studios Device File Explorer the download always gets stuck. I open the folder in the Device File Explorer, right click on the file(s) and choose "Save as...".

The problem occurs on several devices (same model).

Above the progress bar it says:

Downloading file 12 of 14: "/data/data/" (15,9 MB / 16,8 MB)

But no matter how long I wait it doesnt continue to download. The only hint I could find are these lines in the log file (maybe they are completly irrelevant):

09-06 12:49:14.385 3784-3812/? W/StorageManager: getStorageFullBytes DEFAULT_FULL_THRESHOLD_BYTES : 20971520, threadhold : 20971520
09-06 12:49:14.386 3784-3812/? W/StorageManager: getStorageLowBytes lowPercent : 5, lowBytes : 2898018304, maxLowBytes : 524288000
09-06 12:49:14.387 3784-3812/? W/DeviceStorageMonitorService: updateBroadcasts(/data) oldLevel:0, newLevel:0, seq:1
09-06 12:49:14.388 3784-3812/? W/DeviceStorageMonitorService: updateBroadcasts_filenode(/data) fn_oldLevel:0, fn_newLevel:0, seq:1

What could be the cause? Where could I look for anything that might give me an idea whats going wrong?


Javi Mollá suggested it might be the file, so I tested it on a colleagues computer. It worked. So I guess its really an error related to Android studio (on my computer).


Uploading works.

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        answered    Nicole     2018-10-22      

Yes, even I facing this issue with 3.2 Android Studio.

Updated with 3.2.1, still, the same issue exists (Not able to download any file from Device File Explorer Tool).

You can try adb command for now.

adb pull /data/data/ .

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