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[SOLVED] what causes "permission denied"-message with FIREBASE and FLUTTER

I've got the error

'W/SyncTree(31625): Listen at /address failed: DatabaseError: Permission denied'

while sending a request to firebase with an anonymous firebase user and without fancy firebase database rules :) . ..and i want to find out what causes this message.

EDIT: error is the same with an existing user, means user signIn seems to work but accessing database not.

What i've done so far:

  • Set up firebase (including adding google_service.json, dependencies in pubspec.yaml) - works so far
  • creating login as follows (like in example from google link):

    Future<String> _testSignInAnonymously() async {
      final FirebaseUser user = await _auth.signInAnonymously();
      assert(user != null);
      assert(await user.getIdToken() != null);
      assert(user.providerData.length == 1);
      assert(user.providerData[0].providerId == 'firebase');
      assert(user.providerData[0].uid != null);
      assert(user.providerData[0].displayName != null);
      assert(user.providerData[0].photoUrl == null);
      assert(user.providerData[0].email != null);
      final FirebaseUser currentUser = await _auth.currentUser();
      assert(user.uid == currentUser.uid);
      return 'signInAnonymously succeeded: $user';
  • the print statement provides a userId (and this id is also in firebase auth section) --> seems to me that i've got an logged in user

  • implement kind of initialization like in the google example (link):

    Future<void> main() async {
      final FirebaseApp app = await FirebaseApp.configure(
        name: 'mydbName',
        options: const FirebaseOptions(
           googleAppID: 'myAppId',
           apiKey: 'myApiKey',
           databaseURL: 'myUrl',
     runApp(new MyApp(app));
  • on another stateful widget in state i try to request some firebase data:

    void initState() {
      final FirebaseDatabase database = new FirebaseDatabase(app:;
      database.reference().child('address').once().then((DataSnapshot snapshot) {
        print('Connected to database and read ${snapshot.value}');
  • i've removed all rules in firebase except:

    ".read": "auth != null",
    ".write": "auth != null",
  • i use an SHA-1 certificate/fingerprint in my firebase android app

  • i use the same firebase database with an firebase ios app without any problem while using anonymous users

What i need:

I need some hint how to find out if there's any problem with that initialization code or with the user login or something else

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        answered    Martina     2018-10-22      

It seems the database is not correctly addressed in FirebaseApp.configure(


would use the default database of the project configured in google-services.json

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