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[SOLVED] how to make a html login page that connect to database

Lets say I have a login.html page with a html template

And I want to use that login.html template to login to another login.php page.

Say, when a user types in email and password in login.html, I want that login.html page to type the same email and password in my another website which has login.php page.

For this example, lets take blesta - it has a login.php page but the landing page is simple and is not beautiful.

I have another html page named login.html which looks sleek and beautiful but I don't want to transfer users to blesta login.php and then they enter their credentials but rather I want them to enter those credentials in login.html page and those credentials be automatically typed/used in blesta's login.php page and then they get redirected/transferred to dashboard.php inside blesta.

Is it possible?

I tried too much searching but couldn't find any answer yet.

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        answered    Maurice     2018-10-22      


HTML is a Markup Language not a programming language, so it can't connect directly to any database.

But you can send the form's action of you login.html to the same of the login.php of blesta and add the same name of each input.

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