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[SOLVED] how to update table size inside hash function

I was learning how to implement Hash table but i am bit confused here in because in the book below code was available and i understood well enough the code, but inside book there was no definition of HASH function ,i know we have to define it by own ,but according the below code that was given give inside book HASH is taking two arguments wherever i used the HASH like in HashInsert it is taking two arguments index=HASH(data,t->size) if we assume that return type of HASH as int now for eg we can define HASH as

int HASH(int  data,int tsize){

but according to my program how should i update t->size(table size) inside HASH function or how should i use that Please help me in proper implementation of the above HASH function

#define Load_factor 20
struct Listnode{
 int key;
 int data;
 struct Listnode* next;
struct HashTableNode{
 int bcount;          /// Number of elements in block
 struct Listnode* next;
struct HashTable{
 int tsize;          /// Table size
 int count;
 struct HashTableNode** Table;
struct HashTable* createHashTable(int size){
 struct HashTable* h;
 h=(struct HashTable*)malloc(sizeof(struct HashTable));

 h->Table=(struct HashTableNode**)malloc(sizeof(struct HashTableNode*)*h->tsize);
 printf("Memory Error");
  return NULL;
 for(int i=0;i<h->tsize;i++){
   return h;

/// Hashsearch
int HashSearch(struct HashTable* h,int data){
  struct Listnode* temp;
  while(temp)     ///same as temp!=NULL
      return 1;
    return 0;


int HashDelete(struct HashTable* h,int  data)
 int index;
 struct Listnode *temp,*prev;
         return 1;

 return 0;

int HashInsert(struct HashTable *h ,int data){
 int index;
 struct Listnode* temp,*newnode;
    return 0;
 index = HASH(data,h->tsize);
 newnode=(struct Listnode*)malloc(sizeof(struct Listnode));
    return -1;
   return 1;

i am just learning implementation of hashing so main is looking quiet weird

int main(){
  return 0;

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        answered    Isabel     2018-10-22      

You shouldn't! I mean you shouldn't modify it.

Instead the function gets the size of the hash-table (the number of "buckets") so it can use it to create a bucket index from the hash value. This is typically done through modulo %.

So instead of a fixed magic number 7 you modulo with the size:


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