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[SOLVED] Seo sitemap laravel

currently I'm working with seo, I'm creating sitemaps. I'm using laravel 5 with library RoumenDamianoff/laravel-sitemap So I got few questions for you.

  1. In my app I have search page, url : Route::get('/search/result/{category}/{location?}/{pagination?}) . So for example url can be /search/result/plumber/new_york/page=?1. How do I define every single option for {category} and {location} variables? Or may search engines understand this definition?
  2. I got route : Route::get('jobs/{pagination?}') do I have to define every single page with images within? Or can I just write url like this and add all images?
  3. What if I got profile picture in search page and in user profile. Do I have to add images to both url's or is one of them enought?
  4. Do I have to add routes, with post methods too or is it not necessary?

Thanks in advance!

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        answered    Bruce     2018-07-11      

You will probably want to use canonical to tell the search engines to treat these different pages all as the same page and give the href some defaults.

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

You can read more here:

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