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[SOLVED] How to insert programmatically a value in a new row of a QtableView

I'm using a QtableView to display and edit data from a QsqlTableModel. Everything's fine : data from a postgreSQL table is displayed, and user can edit it and save modifications.

I want to add a row when uses click on a button. I use the insertRecord method from my QslTableModel. The row is correctly added in the QTableView.

My problem is : I want to insert a value from a query in the first cell of this new row. (to automatically populate an unique identifier).

This is my code :

def ajoutlgn(self):
    query_idNewLine = QtSql.QSqlQuery(self.db)
    if query_idNewLine.exec_('SELECT sp_idsuivi+1 FROM bdsuivis.t_suivprev_tablo ORDER BY sp_idsuivi DESC LIMIT 1'):
            identifiant = query_idNewLine.value(0)
            #print identifiant

    record = QtSql.QSqlRecord()
    self.model.insertRecord(self.model.rowCount(), record)

The value is not inserted in the new row (but if I enter a value by hand, it works perfectly). Nevertheless, the query is OK (as I can see with the « print identifiant » line, which returns the expected integer).

Do you see what I'm doing wrong ?

Are there other methods to insert programmatically a value in a QTableView cell?

Or do I have to use a QitemDelegate ?

Thanks for advance.

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        answered    Neil     2018-10-13      

Finally I found the solution :

This line creates a record, but not a record for my QsqlTableModel

    record = QtSql.QSqlRecord()

I replaced it with this one, and it works perfectly :

    record = self.model.record()

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