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[SOLVED] Not able to find Scripting Files Folder / tree in umbraco 7.2.6

I have download & Install Umbraco 7.2.6 , But In Developer section I am not able to view "Scripting Files" tree

enter image description here

Where in umbraco 7.1.3 can view it.

enter image description here

So do I need to do any config. Change to make it enable ?

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        answered    Audrey     2018-10-12      

If you go and look at the release informations of umbraco, you can see that standard in Umbraco version 7.2.0 this has been disabled.

From the release note:

U4-4828 Disable Scripting Files tree and don't ship the macroScripts folder

The reason behind this is because Scripting files was used for the older razor files. Instead you should use the partial views and partial view macros.

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