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[SOLVED] How to add custom fields using umbraco cms?

Currently i'm working on project that's built into umbraco cms, now i want to add some functionality like add custom fields using umbraco so is there any way to add custom fields into project using umbraco ?

e.g. i have fields named "text,imageURL and name" now i want to save and (loop)fetch into particular div tag in razor view.

i'd followed this link ''

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        answered    Eden     2018-10-12      

Is this what you're looking for?

Content fields in Umbraco are called properties, and you define properties per document type - it's very easy to do via the backoffice as you'll see in the link.

The Youtube video you've found is for much more advanced scenarios than I think you're after.

        answered    Mary     2018-10-12      

Custom field type:

For getting value by name


refer this razor ,good one:

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