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[SOLVED] How to get specific fields to be shown in the search results?

I'm using ezSearch package installed into Umbraco 7.6. What I am trying to do is to get specific fields to be always shown in the search result under the pageName that has the word that the user is looking for,

So for example I have two properties in the homepage (heading1 and homeText)

And the code for (search results) in the macro as following:

@helper RenderContentResult(SearchViewModel model, IPublishedContent result)
    <div class="ezsearch-result">
        <h2><a href="">@result.Name</a>XX</h2>

        @foreach (var field in model.PreviewFields.Where(field => result.HasValue(field)))
            <p>@Highlight(Truncate(Umbraco.StripHtml(result.GetPropertyValue(field).ToString()), model.PreviewLength), model.SearchTerms)</p>


Thank you!

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        answered    Frederic     2018-10-12      

Since result is an IPublishedContent you can access whatever property you want, e.g.




anywhere in RenderContentResult depending on the needed Razor syntax

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